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Nine Keys to Healing with Creativity: Taiwan Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat

  • Deer Bridge Retreat Center, Miaoli, Miaoli Taiwan (map)

An Art & Yoga Training for Teachers, Healers, Artists or Yoga/ Meditation Practitioners

Intermodal Creative Arts: painting, poetry, yoga, meditation, movement and mandala work.

For everyone interested in the healing power of creativity; no prior experience with art or Kundalini Yoga required. Every Day of this training includes; Yoga, Meditation and Creative Arts.

Discover the Nine Keys to Healing with the complementary practices of yoga and art, enhance your creativity and bring intuition and depth into your practice. While this program introduces you to Kundalini Yoga, the art exercises you learn here can be used with any style of yoga, meditation, or healing.

We will combine movement, sound, and writing with visual arts and Kundalini Yoga. You will learn to use art to work effectively with emotions, intuition, and relationships. If you are a yoga teacher, this program offers a clear map of how to safely and effectively use the arts in your workshops and classes. If you work in the arts, these nine keys and the yoga techniques you learn will enhance your creative focus, flow, and depth.
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