In the room where I write I have three of Hari Kirin’s paintings on the walls. One is a reclining Buddha, bright and vivid, just 12” square-a perfect painting... it shows that we can still make icons and sacred images." Thomas Moore


The loons sing in the pond here at the foot of Mt Monadnock. Winter brings snow and bare silence. For hundreds of years people have been making things in the studio I paint in today. The wisdom of the original people lives in our mountain, Monadnock, and flows in the Nubanusit River out front.

Paint and ink heal in the non-literal two-dimensional space of art. In that liminal place, we become intimate with the soul of the world. These paintings express beauty and a cry for us to wake up.

We are looking for a way back. Art is the medicine to open our minds, cultivate wonder and allow us to see in new ways.